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Back Talk Box

A Monthly Gift Package filled with Self-Care and Razor Edge Snark

We’re here to nourish you with information on cool art and health movements, focus on charities and non-profits, forward-thinking perspectives on self-care, and (duh!) hand-picked gifts to get you on your way.

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Work Dem Bones

Learn the fundamentals of storytelling for fun and profit

Story is the special sauce that makes people connect with others. 

They are the lies and dreams we need to keep sane. 

Learn the language of storytelling and how it can help you. 

Not your typical creative writing experience, we get to the heart of your story.

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Femme in Front

A Documentary Series Dedicated to the Boss Ladies of Austin, Texas

Femme in Front focuses on self-identified female entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and icons who create a social impact within the Austin Community. We spend a day following them right before a major event, exploring what motivates them to change the world one person at a time. We are currently seeking funding to continue the project; however, there will be plenty of updates coming up soon!

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